A Tranquil Entry

Shadow and light bring out the best of any home.
This is especially true of Mapleton's exterior "foyer."

One of the most exciting elements about this house is the contrast between hard and soft. Hard rooflines abut clouds and sky as vast modern windows open to life outdoors. With this idea, Mapleton's remodel aims to create an entry way full of warmth.


From the very beginning, I had this vision of a single tree standing triumphantly within this alcoved entry space. Moving water would surround the tree, its delicate harmony immersing the air in tranquility.  Approaching the front door, shadows from surrounding trees and various volumes cross ones face and feet. These shadows merge into one, pacifying Mapleton's hard edges and creating a diffusion of light woven into the home as branches grow into a soft barrier of privacy to the large window behind and to the water below.


These shapes and movements of shadow illuminate the nuances in surface texture at Mapleton. We've used integral color plaster to add depth and tonality to the homes exterior. Subtle elements like these are the details that will bring Mapleton's modern materiality to life and will make this entry space a cove of soft light and texture.