Setting a Strong Foundation

You can't build a great house with a weak foundation.
The House on Mapleton Drive Foundation

Footings and foundations are to homes, what feet and legs are to the human body: footings anchor the home to the ground and support the foundation, which in turn carries the weight of the home.


Progress at the House on Mapleton Drive continues to move forward. Most recently, the ground was excavated to lay the new foundation. Underground pillars were then inserted into weight-bearing locations at the site to support new construction. These pylon-like structures are essential to creating a sturdy foundation. Holes twenty-five feet deep were dug into the ground, and immense rebar cages, custom built for the project, were then lowered into the holes with industrial cranes and raw manpower. Using remarkable deftness and precision, Balcorp Construction repeatedly executed these maneuvers, and subsequently filled each cage with concrete, creating our foundation.


Unlike most aspects of decorating and interior design, this process is tedious and will not be visible when the project is complete, but the foundation is a crucial part of the overall construction process. After these footings are set, building above ground will ensue.


Photography by Romy Reiner