A Meeting of the Minds

The team convenes onsite pre-demolition.

Final details are reviewed as the team prepares for the next phase. Michael refines his plan for the rear yard wall, pool cabana, and discusses demolition details with the contractor. An engineer will review soil composition and structural issues. Michael directs that the rear yard ficus be saved for re-planting once the renovation is complete. Recycling and the re-use of materials during any renovation is paramount. 


"It’s important to remember the difference between being an artist and being a craftsman. Decorating is a craft, it should be collaborative."

- Michael S. Smith


Open communication between team members is critical to the success of any renovation. Make sure to select people you like and with whom you want to work. You'll be partners with your team for the foreseeable future and it can be a challenging road. Like any successful relationship, calmness under pressure, honesty, experience, talent, and a good sense of both urgency and humor are all essential traits.


Photography by Romy Reiner