An Indoor—Outdoor Conversation

Design typically focuses on the interiors of a project, but its landscape is crucial for the overall aesthetic of the space.

After much anticipation, Michael and his team witness first steps in Mapleton's pool construction. Balcorp Construction's excavators barrel through the earth and reveal the beginnings of what will be a vital element in Mapleton's landscape. The home's new expansive windows looking out to the pool area will not only be a key accessory to the home but will weave a tranquil conversation between its exterior and interior.


This Californian staple of indoor--outdoor experience was labored over with Michael Kovac's architectural team. Together, Michael and Kovac Design Studio created a refined vision for Mapleton's exterior. The original plan included an amazing cabana, however it will not be constructed. Michael sees it critical that the outside remain a simple tranquil oasis that seamlessly interacts within the existing landscape and reflects the interior of the home.