From Good to Exceptional

"When something is just good, sometimes you have to rip it apart to make it truly exceptional." - Michael S. Smith
From Good to Exceptional

When Michael and his partner, Ambassador James Costos, first purchased the House on Mapleton Drive, they were intrigued by the unique architecture and exceptional location of the home. The house was built by the original owner to showcase a significant art collection. After living in the house for 5 years,  Michael truly understood what worked and what needed improvement.  He then decided to embark on the current renovation.

“It's really interesting to move into a house someone else has built. It's like buying a suit and having to have it fitted. It required getting used to and making it work for the way we lived.”

– Michael S. Smith


Michael's first step: Assembling a stellar team of the industry's finest, including architects Kovac Design Studio and Balcorp Construction & Development. This team, guided by Michael's vision, will add the dimension that the space lacks and imprint Michael's unmistakable aesthetic along the way.  


Photography by Romy Reiner