Designing the Mood

Lighting can take a dark corner from forgotten to focal point with the flip of a switch. 

The House on Mapleton Drive features large volumes of space and high ceilings. Although beautiful and luxurious, if not addressed properly, these characteristics run the risk of making any house appear empty or overwhelming. One way to counterbalance this volume is through the precise and alluring use of lighting within a space. 


Michael has collaborated for decades with Bob Truax, principal, and owner of San Francisco-based  Truax Lighting. Bob is a true master-of-lighting design and understands the nuances and challenges of both residential and commercial lighting. Truax knows exactly how to strike the artful balance between creativity and function, and almost nowhere else is this balance as important as it is when lighting a house. 


The Truax team regularly works with architects and interior designers to create environments that elevate spaces to a new level of art and functionality. No. 8 Lighting was actually created by Truax after noticing the need for high quality recessed lighting, and has since flourished into a thriving business. 


The lighting plan for The House on Mapleton Drive provides many layers and types of lighting. Focal, task and ambient lighting are all employed to give rooms depth, warmth, and to create an intriguing atmosphere. The intent is that a person entering a room within the House will feel the lighting, as much as see it. 


A sophisticated, intuitive, control system was incorporated to provide flexibility in dimming for each room as well as a global overlay for different scenes that include entertaining, day-to-day living, and at home and away features.


Photography by Romy Reiner