The House on Mapleton Drive

The House on Mapleton Drive is part journal, part renovation manual and part resource guide. Join us as we shadow Michael S. Smith and give you behind-the-scenes access to the renovation of his iconic Los Angeles residence. Throughout this process, we'll reveal his favorite vendors, resources, and give you insight into every architectural and decorating decision.  


Michael is considered one of the most original and respected talents in the interior design industry today.  With an international profile of residential, hospitality and commercial clients, his style is a seamless blend of European classicism and American modernism—always fresh, always evolving, always underscored by the belief that everyone should live with things they love.


Jewelry for the Home

The design process on Mapleton has been inspiring as Michael is always wanting to push the design envelope. September 30, 2019
Design Development

Attention to Detail

“Michael’s cinematic imagination means that his interiors are possessed of a remarkable richness of detail.” - Julia Reed, The Curated House. July 30, 2019

Designing the Mood

Lighting can take a dark corner from forgotten to focal point with the flip of a switch.  July 25, 2019

Glass Installation

As each glass panel is installed, the light pours in and brings the design to life. July 12, 2019
Design Development

Progress Meeting

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. April 15, 2019

Snyder Diamond

Snyder Diamond represents the best quality available today at a variety of price points and we consider them more than just a convenient source for purchasing: they’re a partner. March 19, 2019

Framing is All About Proportions

Never is the relationship between open air and physical building as apparent, or as important. January 30, 2019

Setting a Strong Foundation

You can't build a great house with a weak foundation. December 17, 2018